Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tequila 101

[14:22] stonegrody: Dude, we should go to La Pinata sometime
[14:22] dp: ?
[14:22] stonegrody: I learned a lot about Tequila just by looking at their menu
[14:22] stonegrody: its a mexican joint (duh) and tequila bar
[14:22] dp: really?
[14:22] stonegrody: over by Kaiser
[14:22] dp: it was informative?
[14:22] stonegrody: let me spew my knowledge before it escapes me
[14:22] dp: k
[14:23] stonegrody: All tequila is made from Blue Agave
[14:23] stonegrody: Silver/White - Aged no more than 60 days, usually bottled directly from the distillery
[14:23] stonegrody: Reposado/Rested - aged 2 - 12 months in oak barrels before being bottled
[14:24] stonegrody: Gold / Adultered - Flavor and color added to make it look/taste like it's aged. Requires a minimum of 51% blue agave to be considered tequila. Lots of Golds have 49% cane or corn sugars which give you headaches
[14:24] stonegrody: Anejo - Aged 1-10 years
[14:25] stonegrody: in oak til 4 years and then moved to stainless steel
[14:26] stonegrody: Mezcal - Made from several different kinds of Agave
[14:26] stonegrody: not called tequila since it's not necessarily made from Blue agave
[14:26] dp: ahh
[14:26] stonegrody: what's the worm about, you ask?
[14:26] dp: yes i do
[14:26] dp: is it to absorb alcohol?
[14:27] stonegrody: during prohibition, tequila was bottled in clear bottles without labels so they would not get caught. Bottlers from Mezcal would put a worm in it to distinguish what it was and where it was from
[14:27] dp: yes!
[14:27] dp: thats awesome
[14:27] stonegrody: actually has nothing to do with the alcohol absorbtion and was never meant to me eaten!
[14:27] stonegrody: and that, my friend, is tequila 101
[14:27] dp: yay! thank you dr. alcohol!